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Elettronica Hip-Hop Pop

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Notes : Indie exclusive. Limited to 3,000 copies. Housed in a full-colour, single-sleeve jacket featuring a wide-spine. Vinyl housed in 2 full-colour, double-sided, semi-gloss sleeves. Double-sided, full-colour 24" x 24" poster featuring artwork & credits. ? & © 2020 An EMI Recorded Music Production. Modular Recordings PTY LTD A Universal Music Company Made in the EU. Orono appears courtesy of Domino Recording Company. Blood Orange appears courtesy of Domino Recordings. Leon Bridges appears courtesy of Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. Vashti Bunyan appears courtesy of Branch Music Ltd. Cola Boyy appears courtesy of Record Makers. Tricky appears courtesy of False Idols / K7 Music. Jamie xx appears courtesy of Beggars Group Limited. CLYPSO appears courtesy of Etcetc Music. Denzel Curry appears courtesy of Loma Vista Recordings. Cornelius appears courtesy of Warner Music Japan. Kelly Moran appears courtesy of Warp Records. "We Will Always Love You" Contains portions of "I'll Take You Any Way That You Come" written by William "Smokey" Robinson, published by EMI Pop Music Publishing (GMR), performed by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, used under license from Universal Music Group and samples from "Hammond Song" written and composed by Margaret A. Roche, published by Nabithius Music (ASCAP), performed by The Roches, produced under license from Warner Records Inc., by arrangement with Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. "The Divine Chord" Contains portions of "It's Love That Really Counts (In The Long Run)" by the Shirelles licensed from Gusto Records, Inc. Written by Hal David, published by BMG Rights Management (Australia) Pty Ltd and Burt Bacharach, published by New Hidden Valley Music Co. Used with permission. All rights reserved. "Interstellar Love" Contains samples from "Eye in the Sky" written by A. Parsons and E. Woolfson. Published by Universal Music - Careers (BMI) and Woolfsongs Ltd. (PRS). // Contains a sample of "Eye In The Sky" as performed by The Alan Parsons Project, used courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment. "Ghost Story Pt 2" EME transmissions recorded by Christian Scallan at The Soft Centre. "Reflecting Light" Incorporates a sample of "Glow Worms" written and performed by Vashti Bunyan licensed by permission of Branch Music Ltd. © 2020 Published by BMG Rights Management (Australia) Pty Ltd. Used with Permission. All rights reserved. "We Go On (feat. Cola Boy and Mick Jones)" Contains interpolations and samples from "Hurting Each Other" written by G. Geld and P. Udell. Published by Universal PolyGram Int. Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP). "Until Daylight Comes feat. Tricky)" Contains a sample of "Sunshine" by Total Contrast, written by Robin Achampong and Delroy Murray courtesy of LONDON MUSIC STREAM. "Wherever You Go" Incorporating elements of 'Magalenha' by Carlinhos Brown, Published by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI) Sample Recreation produced by Hal Ritson and Richard Adlam for ReplayHeaven.com with vocals by Christiano Ferreiro, Conceição Maria Soarez, Ana Patané, Juan Manuel Drangosch, Hal Ritson, Ed Travers and Richard Adlam, programming by Richard Adlam and Hal Ritson and additional percussion by Conceição Maria Soarez. "Music Makes Me High (feat. The East Coast Inspirational Singers)" Contains a sample of the recording, "Music Makes Me High" by Salty Miller, courtesy of The Numero Group. Written by Nelson B Miller and published by Songs In Numerical Order (BMI). Used with permission. All rights reserved and contains excerpts from The Devoted Souls recording, "Keep On Holdin' On', written by Stu Gardner and Billi Rucker, published by Uts Rendrag/BMI Artist: The Devoted Souls. "Gold Sky" Contains a sample from the Pat Metheny Group recording "Last Train Home" Produced Under License From Nonesuch Records Inc., by arrangement with Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. Written by Pat Metheny and published by Pat Meth Music Corp. (BMI), Administered by Songs of Kobalt Music Publishing (BMI). Kurt Vile and Farmer Dave Scher recorded by Jarvis Taveniere at Rear House, Los Angeles. "Born To Lose" Contains a sample of "Bad Bad News" as performed by Leon Bridges, used courtesy of Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. Written by Todd Michael Bridges (Eartha's Gumbo Music / Sony/ATV Smash Hits Music Publishing), Eric Frederic (Anthem Boardwalk Music Publishing / Frederic and Ried Music / Sony/ATV Songs LLC), Nate Mercereau (Anthem Boardwalk Music Publishing / Nice Life Songs/ Poslaniec Publishing/ Sony/ATV Songs LLC), Wayne Hector (BMG) Rights Management (Australia) Pty Ltd), Joshua Block (Joshua Block Music, Downtown DLJ Songs), Austin Jenkins (Warneparker / Downtown DLJ Songs), Chris Vivion (Chris Vivion Music / Downtown DLJ Songs). All rights reserved and contains excerpts from "Electric Counterpoint: I. Fast" as performed by Mats Bergström. Used with permission. Written by Steve Reich (Concord Music Publishing). "Music Is The Light" Features a sample of 'Music Is The Light' composed, performed and licensed by Sharon Lewis. Vocal harmonies written by Natasha Lea Jones. "Weightless" The Arecibo message courtesy Frank Drake, 1974. Arecibo message 2020 Sonification by Franck Marchis at The SETI Institute California, and Christian Scallen at The Soft Centre.
Edition :  Limited Edition 
Genre : ElettronicaHip-HopPop
Label : EMIModular RecordingsAstralwerks
Country : Europe

01. Ghost Story - Zachary Zajdel, Orono Noguchi, Robbie Chater
02. Song For Barbara Payton - Zachary Zajdel, Andy Szekeres, The Avalanches
03. We Will Always Love You - Nate Haessly, Zachary Zajdel, Blood Orange (2)
04. The Divine Chord - Nate Haessly, Zachary Zajdel, Johnny Marr
05. Solitary Ceremonies - Zachary Zajdel, Andy Szekeres, The Avalanches
06. Interstellar Love - Nate Haessly, Zachary Zajdel, Leon Bridges
07. Ghost Story Pt. 2 - Zachary Zajdel, Leon Bridges, Orono Noguchi
08. Reflecting Light - Zachary Zajdel, Sananda Maitreya, Vashti Bunyan
09. Carrier Waves - Zachary Zajdel, Andy Szekeres, The Avalanches
10. Oh The Sunn! - Zachary Zajdel, Perry Farrell, Andy Szekeres
11. We Go On - Zachary Zajdel, Cola Boyy, Mick Jones
12. Star Song.IMG - Robbie Chater, Tony Diblasi, Tony Espie
13. Until Daylight Comes - Zachary Zajdel, Tricky, Andy Szekeres
14. Wherever You Go - Zachary Zajdel, Clypso, Jamie XX
15. Music Makes Me High - Zachary Zajdel, Andy Szekeres, The Avalanches
16. Pink Champagne - Zachary Zajdel, Robbie Chater, Clinton Welander
17. Take Care In Your Dreaming - Zachary Zajdel, Denzel Curry, Sampa The Great
18. Overcome - Zachary Zajdel, Andy Szekeres, The Avalanches
19. Gold Sky - Zachary Zajdel, Kurt Vile, Andy Szekeres
20. Always Black - Zachary Zajdel, Pink Siifu, Andy Szekeres
21. Dial D For Devotion - Zachary Zajdel, Karen O, Andy Szekeres
22. Running Red Lights - Zachary Zajdel, Pink Siifu, Rivers Cuomo
23. Born To Lose - Zachary Zajdel, Andy Szekeres, The Avalanches
24. Music Is The Light - Nate Haessly, Zachary Zajdel, Cornelius
25. Weightless - Andy Szekeres, The Avalanches, Robbie Chater

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